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I decided to sit down and read The Yoga Sutras the other day. I realized that I had never read them all the way through in one sitting before. This really shouldn’t be that difficult considering that The Yoga Sutras … Continue reading

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The Empty Page

Dropping the anchor, To try to find the middle ground. Down into the “I don’t know” rather than the forms. There is a hesitation. In the chest, a question is uncovered. Is it true? Grounded in my abdomen, I see … Continue reading

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Karma + The Art of Vinyasa

If finding the intersection between Art & Yoga is of interest to you I hope that you will join Elizabeth Neuse and I for this workshop, which will cultivate your inner artist… and at the very least we’ll make a memory together.

This Saturday, June 18th from 1:30 – 4:00 at Yogaworks in Soho. Continue reading

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Welcome to Earth

“I often thought there ought to be a manual to hand to little kids… called Welcome to Earth…” Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. That’s so funny, I often think the same thing. It isn’t like we received these bodies or these minds … Continue reading

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Deepening the Conversation

Have you ever dined with someone whom the only opinion you seem to share is that you don’t have the same worldviews? What options for discourse do we have when someone is so sure of what they know? How is the internal dialogue of the nervous system similar to a dinner conversation? The Nervous System Speaks A Language. Once we are able to covert what our body is saying into words, how can we respond? Continue reading

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Stand Up On Your Head, Part II

Headstand. Sirsasana. It falls under the category of most dangerous posture for the physical body. Your hands are sealed together, and along with your wrists they wrap around the head to form the foundation of your pose. What could possibly … Continue reading

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The Art of Vinyasa

So as a Vinyasa Practitioner you are an artist, sculpting your body, your mind and this world. Truly. Richard Freeman writes in his new book that “within these physical practices of hatha yoga we work the body like we knead dough when making bread, so that it becomes transformed from an amorphous lump of unconscious flesh and bones into something that is vital and full of life.” Come to your practice consciously, like an artist, ready to transform the shape of your body, the quality of your thoughts, and the space around you. Continue reading

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“We can scan the body when the person is in meditation… and compare what is happening in their brain at that point and when they are involved in a different task… We can then see the differences in the brain…” … Continue reading

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Stand Up On Your Head

How old are you? In days? I did my math: 10,687 In hours that would be: 256,488 I’ve been doing yoga daily for 11 years so I’m going to  give a guess and say that I have spent an average … Continue reading

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I’m thankful for my arms

In response to a question posted by yoga journal blogger, Kristen Shepherd. “Have you made peace with any dreaded yoga poses?” Bakasana. That was the first pose that seemed impossible to me. I had a whole system for stalling. I … Continue reading

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