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Karma + The Art of Vinyasa

If finding the intersection between Art & Yoga is of interest to you I hope that you will join Elizabeth Neuse and I for this workshop, which will cultivate your inner artist… and at the very least we’ll make a memory together.

This Saturday, June 18th from 1:30 – 4:00 at Yogaworks in Soho.

http://www.yogaworks.com/Events/Workshops/NY/11_June/Art%20of%20Vinyasa%202.aspx Continue reading

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Love comes in unexpected packages

Celebrating the beauty of the little things Although this may be a hallmark holiday, anyone who woke up for the 7 am class this morning was greeted by pink clouds and a velvety morning like a romantic wish from Mother … Continue reading

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The Art of Vinyasa

So as a Vinyasa Practitioner you are an artist, sculpting your body, your mind and this world. Truly. Richard Freeman writes in his new book that “within these physical practices of hatha yoga we work the body like we knead dough when making bread, so that it becomes transformed from an amorphous lump of unconscious flesh and bones into something that is vital and full of life.” Come to your practice consciously, like an artist, ready to transform the shape of your body, the quality of your thoughts, and the space around you. Continue reading

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