I have read that: Life and yoga are about learning acceptance, but life and yoga can also be about transformation. To me, these two ideas sound much opposing to one another. Am I to transform? Or am I to accept myself as I am? Can these two seemingly contradictory ideas both be possible? I have come to understand that it is better to start with acceptance, which cultivates awareness; awareness cultivates our ability to concentrate and to be in the present moment, which is where acceptance happens; when we accept where we are in life, in yoga, rather than fight against it or try to ‘fix’ it the environment of our mind and body becomes peaceful, which therefore transforms our experience into a more peaceful one. Therefore, through the transitive property:Acceptance can transform us towards peace.


About Joyce Englander

I teach weekly yoga classes in New York City, which focus on moving mindfully and gracefully with the breath. I believe that learning yoga is similar to learning a language, and the more you are around it the more fluent you become. This blog is an opportunity to share my thoughts and re-visit lessons from class; to create a bridge for students to translate their classroom experience into real life. I am interested in how practicing yoga can help to improve people's lives and reduce needless suffering.
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